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Norfolk Terriers

Since 1996


Cachorros de Norfolk Terrier en venta. Criadores del Nofolk Terrier. 


Puppies Available   Cachorros Disponibles

Puppies available December 2018 / January 2019





All dogs, especially Norfolk Terriers love the company of humans, they are companion dogs, If you leave your dog for a long amount of time each day or night, your dog WILL become bored, destructive, depressed and possibly aggressive. If you have a full time job and nobody is at home during the day then you should not consider buying a puppy.


Things to consider before buying a puppy


  1.  Have I found the right breed to fit into my lifestyle and homelife?


   2. Will I have enough time to spend training, grooming and exercising a dog?


   3. Am I willing to spend the resources to ensure the best future for a dog?


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